FAQs for Students

Are my responses anonymous?

Yes. The Class Climate system is designed so that responses are not tracked, they remain completely anonymous.  The feedback you provide cannot be connected back to you.

What does my instructor see, and when?

During the SETE process, instructors receive updates about the response rate for their course. However, instructors cannot see individual responses, nor do they know which students have responded.

After grades have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office, instructors receive a report with all responses in summary form. In addition to student comments, it provides frequencies, percentages, and descriptive statistics (average, standard deviation) for the numerical SETE items.

Can I re-do an evaluation?

Due to the anonymous nature of the SETEs, we cannot remove a SETE once it has been submitted. Since only one response is allowed per student and course, we cannot reissue a SETE to an individual. If you rated a professor incorrectly, you may email the Department Chair to express your feedback.

Where do I go to complete my teaching effectiveness survey?

There are two ways to access your course survey.

Option 1: Click on the link in the email invitation sent to your SSU email address from Institutional Research Class Climate.

Option 2: From within Canvas, look for SETE Surveys on the left navigation pane.

Student SETE view in Canvas