FAQs for Faculty

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How can I encourage a high participation rate?

Let students know how the SETE process matters to you and your department, and how you have used prior feedback to improve your teaching practices.

Emphasize the importance of everyone’s response, particularly in small classes and departments.

Reinforce our communication to students from SETEsupport@sonoma.edu. Keep your students informed when the SETE period opens and closes. Remind them where to find the links: in their email, on Canvas, or direct them to this page!

Make time for SETEs. Set aside 10-15 minutes of class time so that students are not rushed, have an opportunity to reflect on their experience, and can provide more thoughtful feedback. Please keep in mind that instructors should not be present while students are completing their SETEs.

How will I know my response rate?

If the response rate is below 66% after one week into the SETE distribution time frame you will receive an email.  You may also reach out to SETEsupport@sonoma.edu for an update.

During the SETE period, Canvas will show a response rate such as the one in the screenshot below.

SETE Instructor view

When are SETE results provided to faculty?

SETE reports are made available after the end of the semester and grades have been submitted.

How do I request my SETEs for past semesters?

Contact Academic Personnel (academicpersonnel[at]sonoma.edu) to request SETE results for regular courses taught during fall or spring semesters.

Contact Adrianne Price (adrianne.price[at]sonoma.edu) in the School of Extended and International Education (SEIE) for SETE results for courses taught through SEIE.