Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (SETE)

Course Evaluations


The Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (SETE) is an important method of assessing instructional effectiveness. Through the SETE process, students provide anonymous feedback to their instructors and departments about their recent learning experience. SETEs provide valuable data about course content and instructional practices that can inform and improve instructional effectiveness, and enhance student learning.

For more information regarding the policies that guide the SETE process, please refer to University Policy on Student Evaluation of Teaching (2014-1).

Schedule for Spring 2022

Administration Period
Dates Availability
May 2nd - May 13th SETEs available for student input
June 15th Estimated earliest availability of SETE results to faculty.  The release of SETE results does not occur until student grades have been posted.


SETEs are administered within the last two weeks of the fall and spring term, prior to finals week.


Each semester, students and faculty are notified by email that the SETE process is open.


During the SETE collection period, students may complete SETEs through the SETE Surveys path in Canvas. Students may also complete SETEs by following the instructions in the notification email.

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